Summer 2012 Permaculture Immersion Workshops

Four-day Immersion Workshops with Overnight Camping

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These four-day experiential workshops provide opportunities for students of land stewardship and permaculture to delve deeper into their understanding of nature and culture in a community village setting.  Together, we will explore many skills, practices, and frameworks not covered in a traditional Permaculture Design Certification Course.  Students of any experience level or background are welcome – previous training in permaculture design recommended but NOT required! Scroll down to read detailed descriptions below.

Where: Marlboro, VT

When: Session I July 21-July 24, 2012; Session II July 26-29, 2012

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Session I - Weaving the Basket: Land Knowledge, Traditional Skills, & Nature Connection

July 21-24, 2012

Knowledge of place is the ultimate foundation for land stewardship and permaculture design.  This workshop immerses students in exploration of and participation in the more-than-human world.  We’ll practice nature awareness routines, learn traditional skills and handcrafts, track landscapes back deep into their history, and learn from each others’ experiences and stories at the village fire.  We’ll then link our discoveries to their practical applications in regenerative design and land caretaking.  Surprises and seemingly unanswerable questions are to be expected.  We encourage participants to come with their full curiosity and awe for the natural world, and their deepest questions about how to be a caretaker of the Earth in this time of history.

Topics will include:

+ Deep nature awareness routines
+ Wildcrafting & survival skills
+ Medicine making
+ Reading the landscape
+ Bird language & scout skills
+ Tending the wild & traditional land stewardship

Session II - Toolbox for Social Permaculture: Design, Principles, and Practices

July 26-29, 2012

This dynamic workshop applies permaculture principles to the social design of real-world projects.  Students will learn tools, practices, and principles of successful eco-socially regenerative projects, and explore emerging new frameworks for world changing organizations, businesses, and movements.  Collaborative studio work and one-on-one mentoring support students in incorporating these practices into their current projects and future endeavors.  No previous organizational experience required – just an open mind, a sense of humor, and a willingness to apply social permaculture approaches to personal, communal, and/or broad-scale design for positive change.

Topics will include:

+ Collaborative leadership & decision-making
+ Power, privilege, & inner tracking
+ Circular accountability systems & feedback culture
+ Eco-social entrepreneurship
+ Financial permaculture
+ Pattern languages for social permaculture
+ Applying integrative models to real-world projects!

Again, previous permaculture  is helpful but NOT required.  We welcome all experience levels and backgrounds.








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Cost: $300 per 4-day workshop.  Download Registration Packet here.  Mail completed registration packet to:

Vermont Wilderness School
PO Box 2585
Brattleboro, VT 05303

Some scholarships available.  Click here to download scholarship application form.  Email completed form to Connor Stedman:

We look forward to seeing you this summer!

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